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Monnie's... nope... Mommy's Boy

Wednesday, August 5, 2009
I guess it is official... my little baby boy is growing up. Potty-training was just the beginning for Jake. Apparently, once you can go in the potty, you have to stop using your pet names for your mother. I am no longer Monnie. I would love to be Monnie. Instead, I'm just regular Mommy. And I love the way he says it with his sweet little voice, but I miss Monnie. I've wondered if his speech is just getting better, but I've asked him several times to call me Monnie and he just grins that sneaky little grin, shakes his head no, and tells me, "No... you Mom-MY!" I guess it's all part of becoming a big boy... no diapers = no baby names for mom.

At least I still have his sweet little affectionate man before he falls to sleep. Brad says he has me snowed, and he probably does (just like Bailey has Brad snowed). Each night, when I lay down with him to go to sleep, he gives me at least a dozen hugs and kisses and tells me repeatedly that he loves me. When he's feeling particularly happy, he'll rub my face, play with my hair, or just snuggle really close and squeeze me tight. We were all cuddling in the bed just before lights out a few nights ago and Brad was watching as Jake went through this little routine. I could see that Brad was just laughing his butt off at how much I was enjoying this attention from Jake. So, I told Jake to tell Brad he should take notes. Of course, Jake followed with, "Daddy, take notes." He then proceeded to tell me he loved me and cuddle up with me. Brad just cracked up. He made sure to point out how much I'm getting snowed by this kid. lol... Yes, the tables have turned, daddy. You have your daddy's little girl... but I have the momma's boy. And I will most certainly take it as long as I can! :)