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Boo Boos

Tuesday, August 4, 2009
Slightly behind... that's how I feel on most days in just about everything. That's just the life of a mom, or so I'm told. It should come as no surprise to anyone (including me) that I had inadvertently forgotten to schedule Bailey's 4-year old shots in the spring. So, I scheduled them a couple of weeks ago and we were off to get her up to date. I warned her that it would pinch and sting a little, but didn't want to scare her. I told her that she was so tough and big that I was sure she'd be just fine. I think she was curious to see how it would be. She asked me about it for a few days before we went, telling me each time that she wouldn't cry because she was so tough. I knew it wouldn't be that way and I did indeed feel guilty for not being more forthcoming about how not-fun this was going to be. She wanted to know and, well, she found out.

The day rolls around that we are scheduled to visit the health department. We play in the waiting room, enjoying our time with the new toys, which are clearly the reason that Bailey was eager to actually come to the "doctor" office in the first place. The nurse calls us back and I see the nervousness start to creep in on Bailey. I'm sure she detected that I was a little nervous, too. I did have both of them with me with no stroller and had spent most of my time in the waiting room contemplating an exit strategy that didn't involve me carrying my purse (the ultimate mom bag that it is) and both children out the door. Bailey sat bravely in my lap, with Jake sitting on the chair beside of us, as the nurse demonstrated how I should hold her legs and arms so that she wouldn't move. Bailey wanted me to cover her eyes too, so it was tricky. And Jake was all about seeing what was happening, so he was leaning in on us as well. There were three shots - two in one leg and one in the other. The first shot was the big one and hurt pretty badly, or so I hear. She cried pretty hard and I had to hold her down tightly as the nurse rushed through the other two. Bailey was sobbing and telling me over and over how badly it hurt. She was sure to remind me that I said it wouldn't hurt that bad. Yes, guilt set in again. As she asked me to kiss her boo-boos and make them all better, I sat awestruck at how she still looks to me as the one person that can soothe her wounds. I know it couldn't help her to actually feel better, but yet she still wants that affection and still thinks it will make things all better. If only that would last forever. I know one day I'll look back at that particular moment in time and wish thta I could kiss whatever little heartache or injury she has and make it all better. Until then, I'm perfectly content being the one to heal those little wounds... even if they happen a lot. :)

Jake also cried over the shots... as hard as Bailey did. Of course, that was after he got in a couple of hits on me for letting that mean nurse hurt his sister. Oh yes, it has begun. He is defending his sister already. After shot number two, I felt Jake's little fist on my arm and felt him try to pull me away from Bailey. As bad as it was that he resorted to hitting me, it was also that cute. Imagine how it will be when they are teenagers. Bailey will get in trouble and Jake will be ultra pissed at her for doing whatever she did. But, he'll defend her after he lets her have it. My big-hearted little man. Bailey, of course, had to be carried out, and Jake walked like a big boy, holding my hand. McDonald's was in the cards and all was well after some affection, fries, Coke, and chicken nuggets.