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Busy as ever...

Thursday, April 16, 2009
These days seem to get busier and busier... t-ball is taking over our schedule! :) In all honesty, I think that the hustle and bustle of it all is wonderful, but between it, work, and a few projects at home, I just have not been able to motivate myself to sit down and blog. So... for all of you wondering where we've been, we're still here. Just incredibly busy.

We've had two kids' birthday parties, Easter, t-ball practice and games (an average of 4 times a week!!), and on top of all of that, we've found a piece of property in Garrard County that we LOVE and are considering building a new home. Of course, that means getting things ready to sell our current house, which means lots of spring cleaning (that needs done either way) and remodeling a few things.

The kids had wonderful birthdays... they were naturally spoiled completely rotten. We had a celebration in Ashland at the YMCA for family and friends for both kids. They enjoyed cupcakes (thanks to my sister-in-law Angela and her newfound passion of cake decorating!), ice cream and swimming. Oh... and just a few presents. Although Jake refused to swim, they had a great time. And, no, I haven't downloaded my pictures, even if it's been more than two weeks. lol... I will... eventually. And then you'll all be mad at me for posting so many! :)

Easter was good, but hectic. We didn't even color eggs this year. That bothered me, but the kids didn't notice, so I guess I shouldn't mind. Brad says it's too bad that there isn't a Easter Egg hunting little league... Bailey would be the best. The kids enjoyed their baskets, filled with candy and junky toys, and had a good time playing with the other kids at church. Later that day... t-ball practice.

Yes, t-ball is demanding. I think everyone thinks we are crazy because we have so many practices and games. But, we are enjoying it. Bailey is still struggling to go directly on the field and play. We have to convince her every time, but once she is out on the field, she enjoys it. She scored a run in their first game on Tuesday. She was pretty excited about that. We'll ignore that she struck out (yes, it IS possible in t-ball) the first time she was up. They did let her run to first though and then sent her to the dugout, so I'm not sure that she really understood what was going on. Her favorite part is batting and running the bases. She enjoys digging in the dirt and throwing dirt at her teammates, but they seem to enjoy it too, so maybe it's not as big of a deal as we have made it. It drives us CRAZY. But, we're trying to be more patient. She did recently turn four, you know. :)

Jake is enjoying t-ball too. He loves digging in the dirt, trying to sneak away from us in the middle of the game, and he cheers the kids on, yelling, "RUN, RUN" over and over. It's pretty cute. He would love to be on the field playing ball... he gets his feelings hurt that Bailey gets to go out there and he doesn't, but we can usually occupy him with a hot dog or some candy from the concession stand.

All in all, things are going well. I'll try to post more frequently so you guys aren't wondering what is going on... oh and I'll add some video up when I figure out how to download it. Er... when I can get Brad to do it for me. :)