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Our Little Computer Guru

Wednesday, August 6, 2008
Thanks to Mimi, Bailey has discovered a whole new world in the computer. Sadly, we have been reluctant to let Bailey on the computer. I know it's awful, but she's an addictive type child and we really didn't want to get her used to going on the computer to play and not coming off of it for hours. But... now she knows that there are wonderful games and shows from Nick Jr. and Noggin on the computer.

And so, the obsession has begun. Last night, she played on the computer for at least two hours. She cried when we made her get off the computer, stomping her feet and telling us that she's going to be smarter because of the computer. All very true, I'm sure, but bedtime nonetheless. She really has developed quickly, learning to "click it" on just about everything and figuring out how to select and restart the games that she likes. We are impressed by how quickly she is picking it up. And, it will be a good thing for her to learn... I'm just hoping that it doesn't interefere with my work, since I do work from home three days a week and need to access the computer from time to time.