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Wednesday, August 6, 2008
Curiosity is a wonderful thing. I'm thrilled that Bailey wants to understand everything - how things work, why things happen, what things are, etc. But, most recently, it is exhausting me. Bailey's favorite phrases right now tend to be Why? and Where? Most commonly, I hear questions about why we work, why we need money, and why she can't get on the computer right now. It doesn't matter that I give her the answer at least 10 times each day, she asks to make sure it's not changing. Every time we get in the car, I'm asked where we are going. She then counters with her choice of where we should be going, typically to Mamaw's, Mimi's, or Mickey's house. When I say that we might go later, I of course hear the why question. Upon explanation, I get questions about which direction Mamaw's or Mimi's or Mickey's house is from where we are. It's constant. And I am really trying to be patient about it all. After all, she probably gets this from me. I can remember asking my dad why questions repeatedly as a child and I can remember him patiently responding the same answers. I'm just hoping that she asks some new ones...