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Little Mimick

Wednesday, July 2, 2008
Jake is at a wonderful stage in life right now where he is mimicking EVERYTHING. It's so cute to watch him as he tries to communicate with us through gestures that he sees us use (we all know he CAN talk, but he has no reason to when Bailey does it all for him). For instance, tonight Bailey was conducting her usual manipulative pleas to watch one more episode of Little Bear before she had to go to bed. She was pacing back and forth, jumping up and down, swinging her arms, walking in and out of the room, etc. Jake was two steps behind her the entire time, mimicking her every move, crying out on occasion and grunting at us, as if to say, "Do what we want, and do it now!"

Dancing is also becoming a big thing for Jake. He's learning to dance quite nicely. :) He bounces up and down, turns around in circles, and head bangs (only slightly). The cutest dance move is his attempt to shake his butt. He bends his elbow on just one arm and moves it from side to side, barely moving anything other than the arm. Absolutely adorable. And he'll do it over and over if you just keep clapping for him. :)

And perhaps the most annoying part of his mimicking... Jake LOVES cell phones. LOVES them. He's so much like Brad when it comes to electronics that I'm almost concerned. We made the mistake of letting him play with Brad's old cell phone when he purchased a new one a few weeks ago. Ever since then, he's been bound and determined that any and all cell phones belong to him and that any and all calls are for him. So, please be warned that if you call our phones, you might hear screaming and crying as Jake enters the world of temper tantrums.