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A routine

Thursday, July 28, 2011
School is about to start back in our world… and that brings lots of sadness to our home, especially as it relates to my son, Jake. He is not interested in the least in returning to his preschool – or any preschool for that matter – and he is going to make sure we all know it. Sigh. I don’t know what to do to change that for him. We have tried everything we can think of to make it exciting, but when Jake decides he isn’t buying something… well, he just isn’t going to change his mind easily. So, we continue on this path of hoping and praying that he’ll eventually find a passion for something at his school and that we’ll be able to use that to get him excited about going. Until then, we have school supplies to purchase, new clothes to pick out, and new backpacks and lunchboxes to look through. And, even if Jake isn’t excited about going to school, we are ALL excited about the shopping. 

We are also a bit sad about school starting back, because it really brings to an end our lazy days of summer. We love the slow speed of our summer mornings, where the kids lounge in their pajamas until lunch time (most days), watching their favorite shows, swinging on their swingset, or jumping on their trampoline to pass the cooler hours. We love the coolness of the pool when the temperature gets too hot and the tight feeling of our skin after a long day in the sun. We love to lay on the couch, curtains pulled to make it nice and cozy, with a soft t-shirt, wet hair, and a bag of popcorn, watching our favorite movies. Oh, summer, how you force us to cherish you. 

Yet, summer seems to end as soon as August hits; as soon as school begins, life shifts from a steady humming buzz of busy to a full throttle of overdrive. We become less sporadic and more routine. There is homework to be done, papers to be signed, and lunches that need packed. This year is sure to bring even more difficulties as Bailey transitions into the first grade and has a wonderful (but very tough) teacher. I imagine that the days of me cooking dinner while Bailey works on her homework will be less this year, as she will probably need more instruction at home. We are up for the challenge, though… I love to see my kids learn and excel at what they are doing. And, Bailey has all the energy and enthusiasm in the world when it comes to doing her homework. So, we’ll keep on using that, because one day it might run out.

There is something to be said about a routine though… it does seem to help me. I know that many of you often think I have lost my mind when I say we have signed up for something new or are packing one more thing into our schedule. But, I can honestly say that we all seem to do better with a schedule  (when I say that, I mean me and the kids… our schedule and Brad’s don’t always mesh, so I’m not speaking for him here). The kids and I seem to find ways to do more and enjoy more things when we are busier. It’s probably because I’m more mindful of our time when there are so many things to pack into a day. When we have to be at an activity at 5:30, I’m much more likely to come home and cook dinner as soon as I get there than I am when we don’t have to be any place until 7. I look at it like I look at money. If you have a lot of it, you waste it. If you don’t, you budget it wisely. :) 

And, so it goes. Here's to hoping that our new routine will embrace us with soft and patient arms... because while Bailey, Brad, and I might go easily... Jake is going to come to this routine kicking and screaming... now or later. :)