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Please hurry summer...

Thursday, March 4, 2010
Have I mentioned how ready we are for Spring? And, thankfully, the sun is finally coming out! It looks like we might reach the 50s this weekend, so I can finally get these kids out and let them burn off some energy. It's been a lot of staying in and cuddled close this winter, making us all slightly crazy and irritable. Not too much longer and we'll be able to breathe a little!

Also, we have been swimming every day this week. The kids started their swimming lessons at the YMCA on Monday, which has even reinforced our strong desire for summer. They both are doing fabulous with their lessons. Bailey is not having as much fun in hers as she would like. She thinks she should have free swim the entire time, not be waiting for someone else to have a turn. Jake, on the other hand, is driving me crazy asking if we can go swimming every five minutes. It's adorable. He has always been a little timid with the water, not quite as confident as Bailey. But, he's come around and is now so excited about it. I hear, "We go swimming pool???" about 50 times a day.

So, now we wait for the days that we can spend all day at the pool, enjoying hot weather, ice cream, and popsicles instead of bundling up in sweatshirts and hats, stripping down to swim in the indoor pool, and then bundling back up to come home and stay in the house. Please hurry summer... we need you. :)