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Indiana, Uncle Ryan, and our Buckethead

Friday, June 27, 2008
Last week we traveled to Warsaw, Indiana for Brad's grandfather's funeral. It's always tough to lose a loved one, regardless of age and expectation. For me, it was strange to see Brad losing his last living grandparent and know that my children wouldn't remember any of their great-grandparents on Brad's side of the family. While I wish we had been traveling for another reason, we did enjoy visiting. It was really nice to see Brad's family. We hadn't seen most of them in at least 5 years, making it the first time most of them met our kids.

The kids were real troopers on the trip and really did well (we traveled about 6 hours in the car). Of course, Brad's brother, Ryan, rode with us and made it easier. He is a big kid himself and the kids LOVED him. I am still hearing about how much Bailey misses her uncle Ryan. I'm not sure if it was the constant attention he gave her, the candy he was sneaking her when I told them it was almost dinner time and they should wait to eat, or the fact that Ryan enjoyed watching the cartoons we had in the car more than she did. :)

The night before we left to go to Warsaw, Jake started something that most people would just ignore. He started wearing a butter bucket on his head. I had cleaned out an empty butter container a while back and put it in the cabinet with our tupperware. Of course, Jake loves to play in this cabinet. So, he had dragged everything out and was sorting through the containers when he ran across the butter bucket. Brad and I thought we would die laughing when he placed it on his head, because Brad was notorious for wearing a lard bucket on his head when he was a toddler... almost every single day. There are tons of pictures of him with a bucket on his head. I guess it's genetic! We sent a picture of Jake to Kathy (Brad's mom) in Indiana. The whole family enjoyed seeing how much our little man is like his daddy. :)